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Choosing A Size

How to determine dog size:

Weight is the easiest factor in determining the appropriate dog house size, but factors such as breed traits and personality may also be factors. In general, dogs prefer domains that are slightly larger than their body and just large enough to lay down and turn around comfortably. Pet Squeak Dog Houses are generally available in 4 sizes:XS, S, M, and L. Please refer to the table below for weights and sizes.

XS Up to 15 Lbs Chihuahua
S 16-30 Lbs Beagle
M 31-50 Lbs Australian Shepherd
L 51-80 Lbs Golden Retriever

It's important to note that most dogs actually prefer a habitat that is very close to their actual body size, offering them a sense of security. While the Dog house may appear tight by human standards, dogs actually tend to be comfortable in tighter, more enclosed spaces.

Certain Pet Squeak Dog Houses tend to run on the "tight" side, so if your dog is on the border of a weight category, you may want to choose the next size up.