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Will this dog house comfortably fit an Australian Shepherd male dog 50-70 pounds, whose height is between 20-23 inches ? Will he fit through the door?

asked by Lisa on November 5, 2017

Hi Lisa,

The Porch Pups Large dog house can support dogs up to 80 lbs. Your dog should fit inside, as most dogs will duck to meet the height of the door opening.

The door opening is 15.5H x 11.75W inches, and the only time I've heard of a dog not fitting is in cases where the dog is wider/bigger than the door opening due to the size and shape of the dog's ribcage or midsection.

The inside dimension is 28.75L x 30.25W x 25H inches, so your dog should fit as long as they can fit within the 15.5 x 11.75 door opening.

I hope that helps!

Pet Squeak Support

Pet Squeak answered on November 5, 2017